2017 September
HK01: 《解放藝術!Spring Workshop給你一個遊樂場》

2017 April
City Magazine: “Music is not…”

2017 March
LEAP: “Interview with Christina Li”
Frieze: “Critic’s Guide : Hong Kong”
South China Morning Post: “Musical Swansong for Workshop”
South China Morning Post: “The top 10 exhibitions and events to see in Hong Kong Arts Month”
The Art Newspaper: “Best shows during Art Basel in Hong Kong”
Milk: “《Litany & Rapture – 模糊界線之實驗》
Life Style Journal: “《藝術在乎相遇》
Stand News: 《去辦公室聽音樂?》
Stand News: 《Spring Workshop 暫別在即》
The HK Hub: “Hong Kong Goes Art – A Guide Through HK’s Art Week”

2017 February
Ocula Conversations: “Wu Tsang”

2017 January
Yishu: “A Conversation with Wong Wai Yin”

2016 December
Artsy: “The Most Influential Curators of 2016”
Art Forum: “Wu Tsang”
Milk: “Winter Sublet”
slow words: “Stationary”

2016 November
Art Plus: 《評黃慧妍個展》

2016 October
LEAP: “Without Trying”
City Magazine: 《不要太努力讓事情發生。》

2016 September
Art Forum: “Without Trying”
Artomity: “Without Trying”
Artomity: “Collector”
Post Magazine: “Mum’s the word”
Bazaar Art: “Spring Workshop”
Ming Pao: 《黃慧妍藝術蛻變 建金字塔葬舊作》
Delta Zhi: “Without Trying”
Stand News: 《專訪黃慧妍》
Milk: “Without Trying”

2016 August
SCMP: “Doris Wong takes on her worst fears in her latest exhibition”
Timeout Hong Kong: “Interview with Doris Wong Wai-yin”
Hausmag: “Conquering Fears | ‘Without Trying’ By Wong Wai Yin”
Singtao Daily: 《黃慧妍 怕什麼?》
Stand News: 《不要太努力讓事情發生。》

2016 July
Artsy: “20 Chinese Emerging Artists You Should Know”
Zoima CityMag: “Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong’s New Creative Epicentre”
Monocle: “Ever-evolving map – Hong Kong”

2016 June
Openhouse: “HK Farm – City Seeds”
9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art: “Wu Tsang”
Design Anthology: “Leading Roles”

2016 May
Artomity: “Wu Tsang”
Art Asia Pacific: “Duilian”
Yishu: “Real Human: Wu Tsang in Conversation
Baccarat Magazine: “Wu Tsang”
Art Plus: 《愛與華何如此情重》

2016 April
Ocula: “A conversation with Wu Tsang
Art Investment: 《培養藝術的花圃》
Art Review Asia: “Duilian”
Paroles: “Duilian
Kaleidoscope Asia: “Interview with Minds Behind Spring Workshop
The Standard: “Identity Crisis Now and Then”
Artinfo: “In Duilian, Wu Tsang Discovers a Queer Revolutionary
Art Review Asia: “Duilian”
Weekend Weekly: “Hong Kong Farm Almanac”
U Magazine: 《跟住矛盾去黃竹坑》
The News Lens: 《看見樓價以外的土地價值》 《本土大地藝術 重新審視社區土地和環境議題》

2016 March
City Magazine: “Wu Tsang”
LEAP: “Wu Tsang : A Life in Process”
Timout Hong Kong: “The Shape of Art to Come “
SCMP: “Sights to behold”
The Good Life: “Wu Tsang”
New York Times: “36 Hours in Hong Kong”
Wallpaper: “Hightlights from Art Basel Hong Kong 2016”
Art Agenda: “Art Basel Hong Kong”
Stand News: “Interview with Wu Tsang”
Artsy: “In Her New Film, Wu Tsang Unveils the Queer History of One of China’s Most Famous Poets”
Art Forum: “Wu Tsang”
CNN: “The Greatest Love Story Never Told”
Timeout Hong Kong: “The Shape of Art to Come”
The Wanderlister: “Chinese-ness Underpins Works By Foreigners”
Hong Kong Moms: “Interview with Mimi Brown”
Artsy: “These 20 Cultural Luminaries Helped Make Hong Kong Asia’s Art World Capital”
Frieze: “Critic’s Guide: Hong Kong & Guangzhou”
Southsite Magazine: “Spring Workshop Wins Award”

2016 January
Art Radar: “The Prudential Eye Awards 2016”

2015 December
Timeout Hong Kong: “Poetry In Motion”
Kaleidoscope: “Wu Tsang”
Paroles: “Spring workshop à Wong Chuk Hang”

2015 November

Hong Kong Tatler: “Food For Thought”

2015 September
Southside Magazine: “Wong Chuk Hang Uncovered”

2015 August
Metropolis M: “Expansief Hong Kong”

2015 July
48 Hours: “Wong Chuk Hang”
Brand Hong Kong X Monocle: “At The Heart Of Creation”

2015 June
Baccarat Magazine: “Calling Hong Kong Art Curators”
Eat and Travel Weekly: “Spring Workshop X HK Farm”
The Good Life: “Art & fiction”

2015 May
Citi X 60: “60X60: Cultural & Art Spaces”

2015 April
The Peak: “Time to obey”
Art World: “Days push off into nights”
Condé Nast Traveller: “Out of the wastelands, a new loft scene rises.”
Singtao District Post: “Days push off into nights”
Hart Magazine: “Art and Skyline in Hong Kong”

2015 March
Art Asia Pacific: “Days push off into nights”
SCMP: “Art Basel gives welcome exposure to Wong Chuk Hang artists”
a.m. post: “Contemplative streaks riddle day and night”
Ming Pao: “Art hunting in Hong Kong”
Art Forum: “Days push off into nights”
Artinfo: “Christina Li on Days push off into nights”
The Wall Street Journal: “Can Hong Kong Become Asia’s Art Hub?”
Artsy: “What Not to Miss During Art Basel in Hong Kong”
CUP Magazine: “Days push off into nights”
Hong Kong Economic Journal: “Days push off into nights”
City Magazine: “Incubation Lab – Spring Workshop”
Hong Kong Tatler: “Insider Itinerary – Mimi Brown”
Timeout Hong Kong: “The Write Way – Christina Li”
SCMP: “Hong Kong homecoming for art space curator”
Wen Wei Po: “Days push off into nights”
The Sun: “Days push off into nights”
Art Review Asia: “Ming Wong”

2015 February
SCMP: “Minority Reports”
Ming Pao Weekly: “Days push off into nights”
48 Hours: “Just A Matter of Time”
Takungpao: “Days push off into nights”

2015 January
Indesignlive Hong Kong: “In Conversation: ESKYIU”

2014 December
Landmark Hong Kong: “State of The Arts”

2014 November
The Art Newspaper: “Islands Off the Shores of Asia”
Art Forum: “REVIEWS Islands Off the Shores of Asia”

2014 October
The Art Newspaper: “Spring Workshop”
City Magazine: “HK FARM”
Sing Tao Daily: “HK FARM”
SCMP: “REVIEWS Islands Off the Shores of Asia”
Ming Pao: “Islands Off the Shores of Asia”
Timeout Hong Kong: “Occupying islands”
Weekend Weekly: “HK FARM”

2014 September
Art Review Asia: “The Permeability of Certain Matters”
YiShu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art: “Moderation(s)”
Lonely Planet: “Hip Hong Kong: New Art Galleries and Trendy Restaurants”
Art Investment: “Islands Off the Shores of Asia”
48 Hours: “Party Starters”
LEAP: “The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part of Something Else”

2014 August
The Art Newspaper: “Grand Tour”
Timeout Hong Kong: “Home and Away”
SFQA: “Mimi Brown, Founder and Director, Spring Workshop”

2014 July
Perspective: “Tell-Tale Patterns”
Artinfo: “Moderation(s)”: Between Rotterdam and Hong Kong”

2014 June
Monocle: “Discover The City In Its Entirety”
City Magazine: “New City Lifestyle”
Centurion Magazine: “Market Forces”
Ming Pao CULTURE: “Sumangala Damodaran”
House News ART: “Rajesh Metha Open Studio”
Arts News: “Sumangala Damodaran”

2014 May
Timeout Hong Kong: “Women in the Arts”
Timeout Hong Kong: “Ming Wong | Sci-fi xiqu”
Art Asia Pacific: “A Contract For Critical Thought”
Hong Kong Art Guide 2014: “The Hong Kong Scene”
The Art Newspaper: “Creative space is hard to find”
Wanderlister: “Art Basel HK 14 | Spring Blooms at Wong Chuk Hang Art Night”
48 Hours: “Pattern of Abuse”
Arts News: “Rajesh Metha”

2014 April
Vault: “A World of Their Own Design Women Making a Difference To The Arts In Hong Kong”
Prestige Hong Kong: “Fair Fever”
Sun Daily: “Wong Chuk Hang”

2014 March
ELLE Hong Kong: “City Hidden Gems”
Eloquence Magazine (Korea): “Spring”

2014 February
South China Morning Post: “Ming Wong:The New Old School”
The House News: “Review on Ming Wong’s lecture”

2013 December
BAZAAR ART: “Southern District On The Prowl”
Color: “The Social Contract”
Arts News: “The Social Contract”
Hong Kong Business: “Hong Kong’s local artists get more exposure online”

2013 November
Economic Journal: “The Social Contract”
Oriental Daily: “New Art Space in Industrial Building
Economic Times: “The Social Contract
ELLE Hong Kong: “Art stays in spring
Artinfo: “Artists Weave Stories In A Fictional Residency”
Ming Pao Weekly: “The Social Contract
The House News: “The Social Contract
CUP Magazine: “The Social Contract
K11 Artoid: “The Founder of Spring Tells Us What Inspires Her”
a.m. post: “A Young Collector’s Guide
Shenzhen Bay Life: “Spring Workshop
U Life: “Spring Workshop”

2013 October
Travel+Leisure: “Hong Kong Now
48hours: “The Social Contract
Timeout Hong Kong: “Interview with A Constructed World

2013 September
Paroles: “Wong Chuk Hang new art space
Ming Pao Weekly: “Green Ideas in Rental Spaces

2013 August
Hong Kong Art Guide 2013: “Spring Workshop (Mimi Brown)
Art Radar Asia: “Mapping the world, Hong Kong’s Spring Workshop hosts Qiu Zhijie

2013 July
ArtCo: “Art Spaces and Galleries in Hong Kong”
Artinfo: “Artists Weave Stories In A Fictional Residency”
Art Asia Pacific: “A Fictional Residency In Hong Kong
Ocula: ”Moderation(s):A Fictional Residency at Spring Workshop

2013 May
Art Map Express: “Showguide Highlights”
Art Guide: “Galleries & Museums”
Hong Kong Tatler: “Art Spring Eternal”
Prestige Hong Kong: “Mimi Brown, Creative Capital”
Artinfo: “Qiu Zhijie, Making Maps Against the Madness of the World”
Timeout Hong Kong: “Beyond The Art”
Designboom: “Industrial Bamboo Forest by ESKYIU”

2013 April
Artplus: “Loft-style Arts Settlements in Island South and Chai Wan”
Wallpaper: “Industrial Forest by ESKYIU Hong Kong”
China Daily: “Gentrification Repaints Wong Chuk Hang”
Scene Asia: “Hong Kong’s Creative Spaces Head South”

2013 March
Artinfo: “Very Real Fake Nature in the ‘Industrial Forest’ Installation”
Art Asia Pacific: “Incidents of Travel: Samson Young”

2013 February
Randian: “Spring Workshop’s Time Moderation(s)”
Art Asia Pacific: “Hong Kong”
Art Asia Pacific: “Spring Workshop and Moderations”
Art Plus: “Hong Kong’s Spring Workshop x Holland’s Witte de With Centre of Contemporary Art”
Ming Pao Weekly: “Artists-in-Residence in Hong Kong”

2013 January
South China Morning Post: “Spring into Action”
Straits Times Life: “Remember History”
Monocle: “Refresh Graphic Design”
Artinfo: “The Pathology of Hong Kong in the Work of Artist Nadim Abbas”
Artinfo: “Moderation(s): Witte de With and Spring Workshop In Year-long Collaboration”
South China Morning Post: “Highly Irregular”

2012 October
The Boston Globe: “Old Hickory, rocking out, in ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ at SpeakEasy

2012 September
South China Morning Post: “Order and chaos, the calm art of Heman Chong does not reflect the disorder in his life”

2012 August
Artinfo: “China’s New Generation: 30 Rising Power Players in the Eastern Art Scene”
Artinfo: ” China’s New Generation:30 Rising Power Players in the Eastern Art Scene” (Chinese Version)

2012 May
An Art Review Supplement: ‘Under Construction: Hong Kong’s Institutional Culture in 2012 by Iona Whittaker, critic’ “

2012 January
South China Morning Post: “Witching Hour”
Antipasto: “New Media Art”
Art “Yang Fudong’s Seven-screen Installation, The Fifth Night, Premieres in Hong Kong”
Art Radar Asia: “Yang Fudong’s Video Installations a Contemporary Form of Chinese Hand Scrolls”
Art Daily: “Yang Fudong’s Epic Seven-screen Installation, The Fifth Night, Premieres in Hong Kong”
Artinfo: “Chinese Video Art Star Yang Fudong on His Meditative New Film Noir, Fifth Night”


2017 Feburary
Announcement of Ari Benjamin Meyers to Bring Music to Arts Organizations Across Hong Kong

2017 January
Spring Workshop’s Last Year to Focus on Dissolving the Schism Between Art and Music

2016 November
Announcement of the Founding of the Kunsthalle for Music

Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff: Winter Sublet

2016 August
Without Trying by Wong Wai Yin (2)

2016 June
Without Trying by Wong Wai Yin (1)

2016 April
HK FARMers’ Almanac

2016 February
Wu Tsang’s World Premiere of Duilian at Spring Workshop (2)

2015 December
Wu Tsang’s World Premiere of Duilian at Spring Workshop (1)

2015 September
Des hôtes: a foreigner, a human, an unexpected visitor Exhibition curated by Christina Li

2015 February
Stationary co-edited by Christina Li and Heman Chong

Days push off into nights Exhibition curated by Christina Li (2)

2015 January
Days push off into nights Exhibition curated by Christina Li (1)

2014 September
Island Off the Shore of Asia Exhibition co-presented with Para Site (2)

2014 August
Island Off the Shore of Asia Exhibition co-presented with Para Site (1)

2014 May
Moderation(s): The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part Of Something Else

The Permeability of Certain Matters Exhibition featuring the works of Christodoulos Panayiotou and Philip Wiegard (2)

2014 April
The Permeability of Certain Matters Exhibition featuring the works of Christodoulos Panayiotou and Philip Wiegard (1)

2013 September
The Social Contract Exhibition by A Constructed World

2013 June
Summer Program for The Universe of Naming Exhibition by Qiu Zhijie

Moderation(s): A Fictional Residency

2013 May
The Universe of Naming Exhibition by Qiu Zhijie

2013 February
Moderation(s) Launch: Incidents of Travel by Latitudes

2012 October
Adventures in Reality: A Musical Soirée with writer/composer Michael Friedman

2012 August
Taiping Tianguo performances program by Xavier Le Roy, Melati Suryodarmo and Zan Yamashita

Moderation(s): Guilty Pleasures by Ang Song Ming


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