Yvonne Dröge Wendel

  • Black Ball, 2000<br/>Hand felted merino wool around inflatable PVC form (Work in public space)<br/>300–350 cm in diameter

    Black Ball, 2000
    Hand felted merino wool around inflatable PVC form (Work in public space)
    300–350 cm in diameter

Born in 1961 in Germany, Yvonne Dröge Wendel is fascinated by the relationship between people and objects. Indeed, her surname “Wendel” came from her marriage to Wendel (a piece of furniture). Her work explores the nature of objects and materials and how these elements are able to influence human behavior. Using objects with no symbolic meaning and have very few identifiable features, such as the Black Ball, her participatory artwork seeks to create events that reveal our ways of relating to objects and each other under various social situations. Much of her work also rethinks the relation of human to things—indeed, an approach of “philosophy from things”.


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