The HK FARMers’ Almanac

The HK FARMers’ Almanac is produced as a limited-edition volume-in-a-planter, to be shared among fellow agriculturists and other nurturing souls.While the en-tire volume has been printed in a limited edition of 100, we encourage you to distribute and cross-pollinate the material as far and wide as possible. Digital versions of all content as well as documentation are downloadable here.


The Digital HK FARMers’ Almanac

Digital PDF versions of all printed matter of The HK FARMers’ Almanac are included on the USB stick enclosed in the Almanac planter box.

Included PDF content:

Hong Kong Urban Farm Map
The HK FARMers’ Growing Calendar
“One Year in Three Days” HK FARMers’ Mini Resource Book
Postcards from HK Farmers
HK Farm Journal
Agriculture with Action!
The Rooftop Farm as a Semantic Machine Gardener’s Gaze
farming 1/7
Hong Kong Beer: From Grain to Glass and Back
“88 Steps on Cultivating Our own Rice”
A Fashion Manifesto for Farmer / X
Beyond Bishan
George Chan and the Disappearing Mulberry Dike Fish Pond

Additional Image, Audio & Video:

Selected HK Farm photographs by Glenn Eugen Ellingsen
Time-lapse videos of HK Farm’s year-long residency at Spring Workshop
Audio recordings from the “Talk to Your Plant” sound booth
Winter Discussion Full Documentation by Spring Workshop
“I feed you and you feed me” animation by Emily Wong Produced by Hong Kong Shit & Ranae So
“Slow TV Episode on Rice”, by Natalie Lo Lai Lai
“Bishan Village,” by Michael Leung (HK Farm), May 2015
“What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean anymore in a time of such intense production?” cultivation audio track by Elaine W. Ho
Fruit and vegetable clip art, by Michael Leung (HK Farm) and Elaine W. Ho As illustrated on The HK FARMers’ Growing Calendar and the Beyond Bishan map, for shared, non-commercial use only

(Find comprehensive information on HK Farm’s activities at Spring in the Spring Workshop Archive Dropbox.)

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Spring Workshop

3/F Remex Centre
42 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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