Cao Shuying

Born in Harbin in 1979, Cao Shuying received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Beijing University. She writes both poetry and prose. She currently resides in Hong Kong, where she edits City Magazine, a culture magazine. Her publications include the Poetry collections Puppet (2002), ZhuYu Suitcase (2005), Golden Snow (2013, Hong Kong, Kubrick Publications), as well as the prose collections Fake Teeth: Stories (2011, Hong Kong; 2012, China), Travelogue: A Summer in Umbria (2012, China), and a collection of fairy tales, Fishing with HUMI (2008, Taiwan). She is a past recipient of a Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature(2012), a China Times Literature Award ( 2000, Taiwan),  and an Anne-Gao Poetry Prize (2008). Her poems have been published in numerous poetry magazines and have been collected in many anthologies, including Another Kind of Nation: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Zhang Er and Chen Dongdong, eds, New Jersey: Talisman House Publishers, 2007).  She is fascinated by all kinds of poetry and has been exploring different modes of poetic expression. Lately she has been collaborating with some indie and experimental musicians in Hong Kong and China at her poetry recitations. She also recites her poems on the streets as a poetry busker along with her musician friends. In 2010 Brandeis University in Boston hosted an exhibition, Shuying Cao’s Poetry Museum. She created some works especially for the exhibition.

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