Alice Rensy

Alice Rensy started to produce contemporary dance performances, firstly in private spaces under the concept name HappArt, which still exists : one-time in situ performances by professional dancers in different patrons homes. Since 2009, there has been 7 editions in Paris, and 3 in Hong Kong.

She met choreographer Raimund Hoghe and became his manager, touring in Montpellier, Grenoble, Belfort, New York, Brussels, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Tokyo. Working in Hong Kong since 2012, she focuses on the China and Hong Kong contemporary dance and performance scene, looking for new talents with the hope to help them bloom internationally.

In collaboration with dancer/choreographer Yang Hao, she has started to work as choreographer for the pieces “Outspoken” (2014) presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival and “Nothing… but something” (2014).

  • DateNovember 2014
  • TypeDancer / Choreographer

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