Bruno Isaković

Bruno Isaković graduated with a degree in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2009. In 2010, he returned to Croatia to continue his numerous activities in the field of dance (as choreographer, dancer, educator), and in September 2011 became a member of Contemporary Dance Studio in Zagreb. Bruno Isaković has received various prestigious scholarships, as well as the following awards: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – Stipendienurkunde (2010) and Jury Award and Best Solo Dance at Solo Dance international Festival in Budapest.

Denuded emerges out of the research that Bruno Isaković did while preparing his previous solo performance Invoke which explored the otherworldly and demonike features and methods of their exteriorization. In Denuded, Bruno Isaković further examines the phsicality of this subject, separating it from the source of its meaning, creating a solo transformation ritual. The work was created during a process that involved not only physical (de)formations of the body movements, but invoked psychological introspection to create a gestus which is carefully carried throughout the performance. The use of voice in the performance becomes part of the movements that sculpt the body, making this process and performance additionally experimental.

De-dramatizing the classic narrative with very simple structure while not abandoning the linear and logical development of movements, gestures and voice on stage, Denuded reviews possible relationships between the audience and the performer. This intense performance is full of intimacy and personality and it opens a confidential communication with the audience mirroring emotions, perspectives and gazes.

Denuded was performed with great success in Chicago, New York and Tokyo, and during 2014 it is going on a wider U.S. tour followed by futher performances in Greece, South Korea, Japan, Philippines and elsewhere.

  • DateNovember / December 2014
  • TypeDancer / Choreographer

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