A Fictional Residency


Oscar can den Boogaard擕手合作

Witte de With當代藝術中心與Spring Workshop邀請了荷蘭小說家Oscar can den Boogaard到香港擔任駐場作家,主持《A Fictional Residency》寫作工作坊。Oscar can den Boogaard留港期間,約見香港藝術家、記者、作家唐納天鄭得恩Doretta LauMAP Office,進行為期四天的寫作工作坊,創作一本以工作坊名字《A Fictional Residency》命名的短篇故事集,2013年6月29日在Spring Workshop發佈。

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《A Fictional Residency》故事集發佈會以外,藝術家兼策展人張奕滿擔任導演,在Spring Workshop上演2001年Oscar can den Boogaard編劇的Lucia Melts。6月29日開場夜詳情

‘Who are you?’

‘I, I, no.’

‘A name.’

‘I, I, I can’t.’

‘Where are you from?’


‘A place.’

‘I can’t say it.’

‘You have to say it.’

‘But I don’t know.’

‘A place.’

‘I don’t want to.’

‘You have to.’

A nightmare. The biography. The facts kill the truth.

‘Who are you.’

I’m, I’m … to know me you must know my friends and my loved ones and know which books I like, and which films and what kind of art and architecture and what kind of landscapes I like and clothes and colors and what types of food I like, at which times, you must know where I’ve been and have been there when I was there, to know who I am you should see the world through my eyes.

‘Who are you?’

The conversations I have, the things a fantasize over, those I have thought over and those I felt, I am what I cried over and what I have longed for, how could anyone ever understand me?

‘What is the book about?’

‘Me, me.’

‘You’re the writer.’

‘The book is about the time when I was writing the book.’

‘What’s it about?’

‘The things that happen, what I was thinking of, who I loved, who I hated, the artwork I didn’t understand.’

‘I want the story, sir. The short version of the story.’

‘I can’t tell you.’

‘You have to.’

A nightmare. The story is to the novel what the biography is to the writer. The facts kill the truth.

摘自2000年Oscar can den Boogaard 《Sensaties》。

  • 日期June 15 - 30, 2013
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2013年至2014年期間,Spring工作室與鹿特丹Witte de With當代藝術中心合辦「Moderation(s)」,齊集來自世界各地的藝術家、策展人和作家參與當代文化討論和製作計劃。Spring 和Witte de With 邀請了來自新加坡的藝術家、策展人、作家張弈滿(Heman Chong)對計劃提出指導。 Moderation(s) 計劃活動包括一場會議、三場展覽、三項駐留計劃及一本短篇小說集,合共超過五十名藝術家參與。按此了解計劃詳情。



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