Zheng Guogu

Zheng Guogu was born 1970 in Yangjiang, China, graduated from Printmaking Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, lives in works in Yangjiang, he was he Winner of Chinese Contemporary Art Awards 2006 by CCAA. Zheng Guogu is a conceptual artist of globalization, staging the world as opportunity in the endless universe of the acceptable. His functioning comparable to the work of a stage director surprises the spectator of his artistic works with a reality permeated by the ficticious. In cooperation with the other artists and friends he often experiments with different media and materials to resolve the frontier between art and everyday life in another dimension. In 2000, Zheng Guogu bought nearly 5,000 square meters of land in the suburbs of his hometown Yangjiang. It had been increased to 20,000 square meters when he started his construction of “Empire” project in 2004, expanding to a total of 40,000 square meters today and it’s still growing illegally. Reflecting the computer game “Age of Empires”, “Empire” in the reality integrates more complicated spatial modalities and social relations. It is not a fixed, viewable work enclosed within an interior space, but a project that extends into an even truer living space, which comprises the entire process of dwelling in a spatial location, from conceptual ideal to practical implementation to day-to-day living.

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