3. Finissage


Saturday Dec 17, 2016

4pm – 7pm

Table read 5pm

Please join us for our final presentation and table read of the script we’ve been developing this winter (with, among others, Caroline Busta, Georgia Gray, Daniel Keller, Karl Holmqvist, Joe Kay, Pablo Larios, Eli Pitegoff, Ella Plevin, and Jan Vorisek). We will discuss the characters, their motivations, and the script’s possible future. The set will be open, all of Spring’s furniture rescrambled, inventoried, and removed from function. Jan Vorisek’s soundtrack will continue playing and the gay bar will serve drinks on the terrace.

The stealing or re-use of ideas within a relationship. The love triangle as a productive tool. Emotional fragility calcified by contract. Collapsing of spheres: private, productive, professional. Anxiety around production. Documentation: ownership, vantage point. Music as metaphor, a formal conceit for the repetition that occurs within relationships and copying of ideas. Residency as an amorphous, sovereign space of production (or anti-production). Territorial disputes: micro (relationships), macro (geopolitical), and real estate speculation.

This will be Winter Sublet’s final event before Spring becomes Spring again and Wong Chuk Hang station opens across the street.

  • 日期December 17, 2016
  • 時間4pm-7pm-
  • 地點Spring
  • 類型活動


For the next four weeks, we will be subletting Spring Workshop while we collectively write a script about sovereignty, production, love and intellectual property. At Spring we will control the insides, the furniture, the subdivision of space, and who spends the night. The doubling of the space and its power structures allows for alternative narratives to unfold within the imagined site of production while questioning the existing logics of taste and hospitality.

Collaborators: Caroline Busta, Georgia Gray, Karl Holmqvist, Joe Kay, Daniel Keller, Pablo Larios, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Ella Plevin, Jan Vorisek, and more to come.

-- Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff
Nov 19, 2016



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