Jan Vorisek

  • Fear Organ, Performance at Schwarzes Café, Luma Foundation, Zürich (2016)

    Fear Organ, Performance at Schwarzes Café, Luma Foundation, Zürich (2016)

Jan vorisek’s art practice is based around sculpture, installation, performance, improvised music and noise. Revisiting oscillating modes of experimentation, his installations are site-specific comments, they are both ephemera and documentation; an examination of apparent formal hierarchies. With these assemblages, consisting of used and found materials, as well as sound-producing devices, the artist reflects on the fluctuation of (recycled) materials and sound, in which fragile compilations of materials can be read as physical analogies and where a social use is inscribed in each material. Continually reappearing material organized into collages, are popular symbols such as the hurricane emoji. These are recycled, openly interpretable (linguistic) signs, changing and circulating in various operating systems, which serve individualized, albeit standardized, ostensibly universal communication

Usually his sculptures resound with arrested means of performance—repercussioning, reverberating, resonating. This methodology is a transference of the artist’s on-going investigation into art production. Evidently, all is in flux, repurposed as a ‘delay machine’. Open sourced and open ended.

Together with Mathis Altmann and Lhaga Koondhor he organizes a series of club nights called HOUSE OF MIXED EMOTIONS or in short H.O.M.E.



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