Mutual Love Society II * 22 May, 2016, 6pm

    For the finissage of Duilian, we invited two Hong Kong feminist poets Cao Shuying and Sonia Wong to host the Mutual Love Society II, a special evening of poetry appreciation dedicated to the spirit of Qiu Jin and Wu Zhiying. Cao and Wong will share their own poems on themes of female desire and subjectivity, and guide participants in a new round of (mis)translation. Bring your pen and your wit.

    *Limited capacity: please kindly RSVP at rsvp@springworkshop.org

  • 曾吳作品
    曾吳作品《對聯/對練》的世界首映 * 3月12日 – 5月22日

    Spring工作室欣然宣佈將在2016年三月呈獻《對聯/對練》的世界首映。《對聯/對練》是藝術家暨導演曾吳(Wu Tsang)自其歷時十年研究積累而成的藝術成果。電影《對聯/對練》將會作為是次多媒體裝置展覽的核心作品,以中國革命家暨詩人秋瑾(1875-1907)與她的書法家友人吳芝瑛(1867-1936)的生平研究為創作基礎。

  • TEARS,
    Tears, Tears, Tears with Wu Tsang | Art Basel Opening * 24 Mar, 2016

    Inspired by the history of Qiu Jin’s multiple burials as well as the struggles by different groups and individuals to claim the symbolic meaning and resting place of her body, we invite you to join us at this special event where Qiu’s multiple legacies will be incinerated through Chinese practices of ancestral mourning.

    The event happens during Art Basel’s South Island Art Brunch on Thursday, March 24 from 10am to 2pm.

    Wu Tsang

    We welcome artist Wu Tsang to the first of two residencies looking into the Chinese poet and heroine Qiu Jin, which will culminate in new work to be shown in 2016. Check back for details on a talk in late May.

  • 寧息


    藝術家Wu Tsang將會在冬天蒞臨,進行兩次駐留中的首次,就中國詩人與女性主藝者秋瑾進行探究,所得的作品將會於2016年展出。

  • Spring工作室地圖比賽 2015:

    Each year, Spring publishes an artist’s hand-made map of Wong Chuk Hang that is meant to guide culturally-hungry (and also calorically-hungry) visitors around the neighbourhood, while also serving as documentation on the evolution of a place.  We want you to be able to find the gems in this vibrant area, so our map shows artspaces, eateries and a few of our beloved WCH landmarks.

    This year’s map competition is now open to all artists!  Please click below for guidelines on entering.  Deadline to express interest is June 28 2015.

  • DES
    Des hôtes: a foreigner, a human, an unexpected visitor
    *Opens Sept 19, 2015

    The fall program draws attention to the roles of host and guest over a three-month period. Curated by Christina Li, the show and surrounding events magnify the nuances politics mired in hospitality.

  • 李綺敏
    *Christina Li

    Writer and curator Christina Li (HK/NL) takes up the role of a designated Witness to Moderation(s) as it unfolds between Witte de With in Rotterdam and Spring in Hong Kong. On her Tumbler A Witness’ Blog, Li posts regular entries responding to the multi-faceted projects that comprise Moderation(s).

    Hong Kong Farm

    都市農耕專家暨藝術家組合Hong Kong Farm將會進駐Spring工作室的平台,為期一年。他們將以縮時攝影﹑食物雕塑﹑可供食用的成品等,為具實驗性的農耕項目留下大量紀錄。

  • 現代學院
    現代學院 2015

    During the month of June, three composers will be at Spring as part of the Modern Academy, an in-depth short course in modern music run by HK New Music Ensemble for eighty composers, conductors, instrumentalists and vocalists.  Come listen to our halls reverberate….

    Days push off into nights


  • 亞洲的

    Spring 工作室與Para Site藝術空間首度聯合策劃展覽- 亞洲的離岸島嶼,這個別具創意的展覽,從意識型態、歷史因素、神秘主義及虛構詮釋等角度,描繪散佈於東亞地區、被鄰近各國聲稱擁有主權的偏遠而又人跡罕至的小島。近年,這些小島成為區內漸趨熾熱的民族主義的注目點,相關國家藉它們顯示民族尊嚴和力量。展覽將展出包括黃漢明、白雙全、羅莎·巴爾巴和鄭國谷等多位藝術家的作品

  • A
    *A Fictional Residency

    For A Fictional Residency in June 2013, which is part of Moderation(s), the ongoing collaboration between Witte de With and Spring, Dutch novelist Oscar van den Boogaard will be writer-in-residence at Spring, working with five Hong Kong-based artists, journalists, and writers. These encounters will inspire a volume of short stories, scripted together with the invited guests.

  • 黃漢明
    黃漢明 (Ming Wong)

    Ming Wong is back in Hong Kong for his second Spring/Para Site research residency in September. He will complete a new commission based on research carried out in the first residency, focused on Cantonese opera and cinema.

    The new work will be shown in Islands off the Shore of Asia, joint exhibition presented by Spring and Para Site.

    *Industrial Forest

    Exhibition and programs: *Christodoulos Panayiotou

    Spring welcomes Christodoulos Panayiotou for a two-month residency in Hong Kong from March to May, 2014. He will embark on a project in Guangdong province, researching artificial flower factories. A workshop by fellow artist Philip Wiegard will engage children in creating handmade wallpaper in a series of patterns developed by the artist from a historic artisanal technique that requires the small fingers of children. The resulting collaboration between the artists will be exhibited at Spring accompanied by activities and events.

    inging Resistance: A Musical Performance
    *Sumangala Damodaran
    Saturday, June 14

    Spring and Asia Art Archive have invited Sumangala Damodaran, along with Pritam Ghosal, Mark Aranha, Neelambari Bhattacharya, and Simon Hui from the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, will perform a concert featuring songs from India’s anti-colonial and immediate post-colonial resistance movement.

    Open studio
    *Rajesh Mehta
    Friday, June 6, 7-9pm

    Spring Workshop is delighted to host Mehta for a composer residency from May 19 to June 9. During his stay, Mehta will invite the Hong Kong community into his musical cosmos by sharing the development of his ongoing music-architecture project “Sounding Buildings”. He will conduct workshops involving members of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and students from The Modern Academy and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and engage the wider public through an Open House on June 6 towards the end of his residency. Click here for more event details.

  • THE
    *The Social Contract
    Nov 1-Dec 15, 2013

    What can we discover by not speaking about something?

    The Social Contract, a work by A Constructed World, is the third act in Hong Kong of Moderation(s), the ongoing collaboration between Witte de With and Spring.

  • 邱志杰
    Qiu Zhijie
    *The Universe of Naming
    May-August 2013


    Come see the highly-detailed maps of leading Chinese artist and thinker Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰 . These maps redefine our world in a close examination of its concrete and conceptual territories. During his residency at Spring Workshop in May 2013, Qiu re-imagined the terrain again with spheres of steel, wood and glass set against the expansive backdrop of his large-scale maps, some made in conjunction with artists from his two-day workshop with HK university art students. Click here for more details.

  • 張奕滿
    *Heman Chong

    Singaporean artist, curator and writer, Heman has been invited by Defne Ayas, Director and Curator of the Witte de With (Rotterdam), and Mimi Brown, Founder of Spring Workshop (Hong Kong), to develop and lead the 2013 collaborative project  Moderation(s) as The Moderator.


    Do you believe in productive misunderstandings? How often, if ever, do you feel manipulated? Would you say yes if I asked you to moderate me?

    A key program for Spring Workshop in 2013 and 2014, Moderation(s) brings together an international group of more than 50 artists, curators and writers in a year-long program of contemporary discourse and production between Witte de With in the Netherlands and Spring in Hong Kong. Moderation(s) will engender a conference, three exhibitions, three residencies and a book of short stories.

    Michael Friedman

    October 2012

    Obie-award winning composer and writer Michael Friedman is interested in the politics of popular music and the ways in which music reflects the intersections of different cultures. Friedman writes: “Hong Kong, with its polyglot culture, is a perfect place for me to continue this exploration, tracing song (sea shanties, Cantonese opera, cantopop, children’s songs, etc. at the crossroads of East and West, and at the edge of empire.”

    Please join us on the evening of Saturday, October 27 for a musical soirée with Michael.

    Melati Suryodarmo, Taiping Tianguo Performance Programme
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