Sandhya Daemgen

  • Serious Immobilities (Workshop Version)<br/>led by Ari Benjamin Meyers with Sandhya Daemgen

    Serious Immobilities (Workshop Version)
    led by Ari Benjamin Meyers with Sandhya Daemgen

We welcome Sandhya Daemgen to Spring as a collaborator of Serious Immobilities with Ari Benjamin Meyers.

Sandhya Daemgen is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. She is interested in ideas exploring the multi-dimensional reality of the everyday, especially through the use of music and new modes of personal and societal interaction. Her pieces include: “Alter Ego” (Uferstudios), “The Listening Party Experiment” (Uferstudios, KuLe), “Is It My Body?” (Theatre du Fil de l’Eau in Paris) and “Age of Beyond” (Uferstudios, ada Studio). Since 2011 she has worked closely with Tino Sehgal and also performs for Ari Benjamin Meyers, Alexandra Pirici, Kareth Schaffer, Julian Weber and Arcade Fire, amongst others. She holds degrees in both, Cultural Theory from Wesleyan University and also in Dance, Context and Choreography from HZT, Universität der Künste in Berlin.


  • 類型舞蹈家/排舞師



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