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We are pleased to welcome curator Özge Ersoy to a research residency at Spring with the generous support of SAHA Association.

SAHA Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2011 by a group of art enthusiasts united around the shared goal of supporting contemporary arts from Turkey. The association aims to contribute to the presence and visibility of contemporary art from Turkey and offers its support to artistic projects working in line with this vision. SAHA directly collaborates with international arts institutions for the realization of commissioned or invited projects; acts as a facilitator in the project development phase and raises funds if and when necessary. Through the support it provides, SAHA aims to improve the education and production infrastructure of artists, curators, art historians and critics working in the field of contemporary art, and to enhance their interactions with international networks.

SAHA Association undertakes the mission of establishing an “open field” (SAHA: lit. ‘field’ in Turkish) for contemporary arts in Turkey and adopts a democratic approach respectful of universal values.

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  • 策展人
    Özge Ersoy
    June / July 2016

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