Mark Chung Ching

Mark Chung Ching was born in Auckland in 1990 and is graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. He is a Hong Kong based artist who mainly works with found images (both still and moving). He often imposes or emphasizes meanings through amplification/ distortion/ dissolution of certain aspects of the images and transforms the contexts with the installation of the images.

Mark currently lives and works in Hong Kong. His latest work was shown in “dawn blossoms plucked at dawn” (duddell’s, Hong Kong, 2017). Previously his works were exhibited in various exhibitions, including “translatio In memoriam Edouard Levé” (charbon art space, Hong Kong, 2016), “Ostrale 2015” (Dresden, 2015) and “Imagine there’s no country, Above us only our cities” (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2015). Mark also made his first performance, “i’ll talk about my mother, maybe my grandmother too” (2016), during his stay in Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago as part of the ASP Exchange Residency.



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