Kasper Bosmans

Kasper Bosmans is a participating artist in our fall program Des hôtes: a foreigner, a human, an unexpected visitor (2015). As part of his contribution to the exhibition, Bosmans’ guided tours Rumored Ornamentation will activate his series of small paintings, which are annotations of his ongoing conversation with curator Christina Li.

Kasper Bosmans (b. 1990, Lommel, Belgium) is a shrewd observer of the ways in which images can teeter on the edge of nature and fiction, or art and craft. With an intuitive anthropological approach, he looks towards the remnants of local traditions and mythological iconography in contemporary life. Concerned with an associative beauty produced by play, Bosmans cuts across performance, painting, drawing, and sculptural installations made up of various components, such as milk, sand or marble – means through which he explores both functional and decorative forms, and evokes subtle correspondences between them. He lives and works in Brussels.

Please visit www.kasperbosmans.com for more information about Bosmans’s work. 



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