Emily Cheung

Emily writes:

“I was delighted to join the Spring team since I had no experience working in the arts; Spring was a new professional adventure. Prior to joining the team, I was the General Manager of a healthcare organization with headquarters in Australia and Singapore for almost 10 years.  I had graduated from the University of South Australia and  obtained my MBA from the same university. My academic and management experience equipped me in adapting fast to the new working environment at Spring—which I enjoyed very much.

Apart from the major duties of being Operations Manager at Spring for 1,215 days (3 years 4 months), I gained invaluable exposure to and friendships with people coming from all over the world to work at Spring in Hong Kong.  I so enjoyed working with the project & program team under the leadership of Mimi and Christina in managing exhibitions, programs and events.  There were many activities, events and artworks that impressed and inspired me. To name a few: Qiu Zhijie’s exhibition “The Universe of Naming”, Children’s Wallpaper Workshop led by artist Philip Wiegard, planters and activities  by HK Farm, the sand carpets made by Kasper Bosmans, Sumangala Damodaran’s concert on the terrace, Ming Wong’s spaceship, Magdalen Wong’s Sunrise Sunset, Ping & Travis’ wedding, ESKYIU’s Industrial Forest………… and the farewell party on the last day of Spring Workshop.”

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