Carol Tsang Yi Man

Themes of solitude, melancholy, tranquillity, detachment and emotional isolation run through Tsang Yi Man’s work. Yi Man’s work is usually in small painterly format as well as sculptural installation. While living in a city, she desires for peacefulness and openness of nature. Space is a particular focus in her work. Through active looking and observation, places are blurrily depicted and transformed into abstract forms; simple shapes and lines reminiscent both urban and natural landscape. Abstract, minimal and meditative. She attempts to make the viewers to look inward, the infinity of introspective space.

Beeswax is often used across her work. The organic element that emits human warmth and vitality concentrates the mind and spirit in a search of things that cannot be seen brings her quietness and peacefulness. Space, solidification of light, materialization of color and materiality of wax is the areas that she is trying to explore.

Tsang Yi Man graduated in Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2016. Currently lives and work in Hong Kong.


  • 藝術家
    April 2016
  • 藝術家
    August 2017

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