AMA and Jessica Kong

Can you recall a moment when you lost yourself in the flow of what you were doing? In the same way that currents in streams are made of water flowing downhill, naturally pulled along by gravity, this native energy flow lives in each of us. It is a compelling force that engages our minds and bodies in a feeling of energized focus, complete absorption and enjoyment in the process of creative activity. And there is an innate rhythm to current and flow. Rhythm connects us to nature, to others, and to ourselves. Rhythm is within us, in our breathing and pulse; it abides in the way we move and the way we unmove.

Current is an expressive arts experiential journey initiated by artists and expressive arts therapy trainees AMA and Jessica Kong. Together with percussionist Heidi Law, the journey will use shamanic drumming to steer each participant into a zone of creative imagination. The pulse of the drum will guide us to a deeper release of conscious control, dissolving mental blockages and resistance. Using different artistic media, participants create freely as they immerse themselves in a journey of expression and connection.

  • 日期October 7, 2017
  • 時間11am - 1pm
  • 地點Spring Workshop
  • 類型活動
  • 費用Free admission



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