Feb 21 | Welcome to Hive Spring

the Hive Spring
Happy Year of the Earth Dog!

In keeping with the new year holiday’s custom, we have undertaken a massive Spring cleaning. Residencies throw off some entertaining odds and ends, and you wouldn’t believe all of the unexpected artifacts we have unearthed in the dark recesses of our closets. Some we mailed back to you, some we photo-archived and packed away, and some we reduced to ash in a merry, cathartic ceremony on the terrace in a burn barrel custom made for the Duilian project two years ago. But before dispensing with any found objects, we reveled in the jolly memories they sparked.

We found all this because we are preparing our entire floor at Remex Centre for a take-over of the space. While Spring Workshop is on hiatus from its regular program of residencies and programs, our floor will be operated as a coworking space with a focus on the arts by the Hivewhich has several locations across Asia. Within the Hive’s structure, Spring will offer workplace sponsorships to non-profits and artists/writers/creatives, and so this iteration of the Hive has been named the Hive Spring. The decision to support the community in this way was made in recognition of the unfortunate fact that the cost of renting space in Hong Kong is unmanageable, and critically restricts the efforts of many incredible people and organizations in the city who cannot meet the stratospheric financial requirements.

In other news, Spring’s founder Mimi Brown has been invited to London for a week’s residency at the Delfina Foundation. As part of Delfina’s “Collecting as Practice” initiative, Mimi and fellow collector-in-residence Haro Cumbusyan, founder of collectorspace (Istanbul), will be asked to reflect on their initiatives and to look ahead toward future possible moves during a conversation at Delfina on the evening of February 28 (all are welcome). Mimi is particularly interested in experiencing a residency from the other side of the fence.

Finally, this massive re-arranging of Spring has led us to create a complete archive of our years of programs, publications, photos, videos, and amusing objects, with the goal that anyone interested might have access; we will let you know when that is all in place. Until then, we’ll hope to glimpse you at Delfina or working in the creative community at the Hive Spring.

Hive Spring
Sponsored desks

The Hive has remarkable coworking spaces across Asia, and we look forward to their take-over of our floor while Spring Workshop hibernates. We have left many of our favorite Spring Workshop artworks in place and our books on the shelf for you so it still feels like home. The terrace will be open for everyone, and after six years of not being rentable, the space can be rented. The Hive Spring has hotdesks if you just need a spot for the day, dedicated desks/offices for part-time or full-time work, meeting rooms and a pantry.

To those of you who are non-profit or creative workers: Spring Workshop will be sponsoring desks based on need. If you are interested in sponsorship of your working space, please contact rosalind.bei@thehive.com.hk to apply. There will also be a soft opening for the Hive Spring tonight (Feb 22) – click here for info.

Date From March 2018
Location 3/F Remex Centre
Event Coworking space
More info

Delfina Foundation
In Conversation:
Mimi Brown and Haro Cumbusyan on Patronage and Social Change

For the last 40 years, Delfina Entrecanales has created spaces for artists and other visionaries to share and debate their ideas and working practices, most notably by pioneering artist residencies at Delfina Studio Trust and now at its successor Delfina Foundation.

As part of their “Collecting as Practice” initiative, the Delfina Foundation has invited Spring’s founder Mimi Brown to spend a week in residence. On Wednesday, Feb 28, there will be a conversation hosted by Delfina between Mimi and fellow collector-in-residence Haro Cumbusyan, the founder of collectorspace in Istanbul.

Please join us:
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
In Conversation: Mimi Brown and Haro Cumbusyan on Patronage and Social Change
Delfina Foundation
29/31 Catherine Place
London SW1E 6DY
(Free event registration can be found here)

Date Wednesday,
Feb 28, 2018
Time 6:30–8pm
Location Delfina Foundation, London
Event Talk
Cost Free
More info

And if you haven’t had a moment…

…take a look back with our wrap-up film Spring Fever: Six Years in Twelve Minutes.

Time 6 years
Location YouTube
Event Film
Cost 12 minutes