Nov 17 | Winter Sublet Primer


Jan Vorisek: Music for a Script — A Primer
Saturday Nov 19
Ongoing from 3pm – 6pm

Seated between the chairs of performance and concert, Jan Vorisek will present a premature soundtrack for an unwritten script. The soundtrack sets the tone of the narrative while serving as blurry stage directions, opening the intimate sites of production to reveal the set. Activating those present as potential actors, the music signals an open casting.

The recorded soundtrack will play during opening hours for the remainder of the sublet through the 18th of December.


For the next four weeks, we will be subletting Spring Workshop while we collectively write a script about sovereignty, production, love and intellectual property. At Spring we will control the insides, the furniture, the subdivision of space, and who spends the night. The doubling of the space and its power structures allows for alternative narratives to unfold within the imagined site of production while questioning the existing logics of taste and hospitality. 

Further events to follow.

Collaborators: Caroline Busta, Georgia Gray, Karl Holmqvist, Joe Kay, Daniel Keller, Pablo Larios, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Ella Plevin, Jan Vorisek, and more to come.

— Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff

Winter Sublet opening hours
Nov 19 – Dec 18
Wednesday to Saturday
4pm – 6pm
at Spring Workshop


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