Mar 29 | An exposition, not an exhibition Finissage

Last three days of
An exposition, not an exhibition
and Hong Kong Solos 
Closing workshop on April 1 with
Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

Throughout history, music and the visual arts have often been pitted against one another. Resolving to dissolve this border, Spring Workshop’s latest show An exposition, not an exhibition is both aurally and visually challenging… But perhaps the most fitting tribute is to the art of performing itself – no part of the show will be recorded.

— Christie Lee, frieze

The last few experimental moments of An exposition, not an exhibitiona multi-faceted show created by Ari Benjamin Meyersare upon us.

Come back to Spring Workshop tomorrow, Friday and Saturday from 2 to 7 to wrap yourself in live music performed by the Hong Kong New Music Ensembleand head out on a tour of the city to catch the last few musical miniatures of Hong Kong Solos.

Many of us have been enchanted by Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music” that has been performed throughout the show. So in celebration of our last day, we will have a workshop at Spring where we can all learn this piece. If the show has inspired you to make live music, join us on Saturday, April 1 from 1 to 2pm for this session of clapping…and sandwiches.

This Thursday, Friday & Saturday:
Ari Benjamin Meyers
An exposition, not an exhibition

An exposition, not an exhibition takes place in seven arts organisations across the city of Hong Kong. In the first location, Spring Workshop, an ensemble of performers from the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME) and their entire contemporary music repertoire has been specially arranged by Meyers for display in an experimental setting in an artwork entitled Litany and Rapture. At the other six arts organizations—Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong Arts CentreM+Para Sitesoundpocket and Things that can happen—Meyers has commissioned new musical compositions/interventions that are performed by staff members at their desks in a new work called Hong Kong SolosTaken together, these events epitomize Meyer’s experimentation with dissolving the delineation between art and music as he researches the foundations of the Kunsthalle for Music (see below).


This week
Mar 30, Thur | 2–7pm
Mar 31, Fri | 2–7pm
Apr 1, Sat | 2–7pm

Hong Kong Solos
By appointment only at multiple sites (see below)

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Date Mar 11—Apr 1, 2017
Time *Please check exhibition page
Location Spring Workshop and offsite locations
Event Exhibition, music, performance
Cost Free
More info

The last few sessions of musical miniatures
Hong Kong Solos

The following slots are left for the artwork entitled Hong Kong Solos which features newly-commissioned solos from six Hong Kong-based composers:

1. Gaybird Leung, performed by Michelle Wong at Asia Art Archive
Mar 30, Thur | 2pm / 2:30pm

2. Steve Hui, performed by Samantha Kwok at Hong Kong Arts Centre
Mar 30, Thur | 4pm / 4:30pm
Mar 31, Fri | 5pm / 5:30pm

3. Shane Aspegren, performed by Tom Morgan at M+
Mar 30, Thur | 6pm
Mar 31, Fri | 2pm / 2:30pm

4. Vanissa Law, performed by Olivia Chow at Para Site
Mar 30, Thur | 3:30pm / 4pm / 4:30pm
Mar 31, Fri | 3pm / 3:30pm / 4pm

5. Lam Lai, performed by Chantal Wong at Things that can happen
Mar 30, Thur | 6pm / 6:30pm
Apr 1, Sat | 4:30pm / 5pm

As part of An exposition, not an exhibition, Meyers created a new work Hong Kong Solos by inviting six composers to create new commissions in close collaboration with staff members at at six non-profit arts organizations. In order to experience these intimate pieces devised for one performer and 1-4 audience members, potential listeners are invited to book visits. The work centers around the coming together of parties that don’t usually intersect—a composer and an art professional, an office and a performance—and presents the occasion for them to approach each other through the prism of a unique moment of music-making.

Hong Kong Solos are performed by appointment only. If you wish to book a visit, kindly complete the RSVP form. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and places are very limited. We will do our best to provide you a slot, but apologise in advance if we can’t meet your request.

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Date Mar 13—Apr 1, 2017
Time Please RSVP for available slots
Location Multiple offsite locations
Event Performance, music
Cost Free

Closing workshop to learn
Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

On Saturday, we’ll get together over sandwiches for a casual workshop to learn the seminal work “Clapping Music” by Steve Reich.

Please click the button on the right to rsvp.

No musical background is required. Just bring your hands. Or if you want to get your rhythm warmed up, download the Clapping Music app before you come.

And one last marvel with regard to this piece: choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker set to the Reich work –  Enjoy.

Date Saturday, April 1
Time 1 – 2pm
Location Spring
Event Workshop and sandwiches
Cost Free admission

Kunsthalle for Music

An exposition, not an exhibition was developed during Ari Benjamin Meyers two residencies at Spring Workshop in the summer and fall of 2016, and stems from his ongoing research into the essence of live musical performance and the questions surrounding its protocols for audiences, performers and institutions.

The Kunsthalle for Music is commissioned by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam) together with Spring Workshop (Hong Kong) and will make additional appearances at locations to be announced. An exposition, not an exhibition at Spring Workshop (March 2017) will unfold the Kunsthalle’s foundational themes, followed by a conference at Witte de With (May 2017) and punctuated by an inaugural take-over, featuring a series of new commissions also at Witte de With (January 2018). 

Date 2017
Location Spring Workshop
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
Event Music,
Cost Free
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Elsewhere in Hong Kong
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