Jan 17 | Our final revolution

Our final revolution


This is a momentous year here at Spring as it is our final one. At the end of 2017, the five-year Spring Workshop initiative will have run its natural course, and as planned, we will take a purposeful hiatus to reconsider the lay of the land, and to let the field lay fallow under gathering skies.

We will have seen five revolutions of the sun, and as Elaine W. Ho wrote in the HK FARMers’ Almanac, the word revolution in Copernican times referred to the “regular revolving motion of the stars, characterized neither by newness or violence.” She likens it to “a repeated restoration of a certain order of human affairs on earth…akin to the rhythms of a growth cycle.”*

We hope that in the end Spring Workshop will have contributed to some sort of growth cycle, to some needed restoration of the order of human affairs on earth, to some small revolution in its way.

We’ve started the year with a bang by inviting Hong Kong New Music Ensemble to stay an entire year in Autumn Studio, from which they’ll run their rehearsals and operations and occasionally treat us all to live music, starting on January 21. Chai Siris, Arlette Quynh-Ahn TranAhmet ÖğütClara Novakova and Zhu Mu are gracing us as January residents from Para Site and HKNME. Design Trust Seed Grant recipient Pelin Tan will present her research later this month in an evening talk on January 24. And Stationary 2, edited by by Christina Li and Malak Helmy, is waiting for your signup.

Save the date of March 11 for the opening of Ari Benjamin Meyers’s An Exposition, Not An Exhibition, our long-awaited adventure into the realm of breaking music out of its shell. Dozens of Hong Kong musicians and performers will be featured at Spring and at venues across the city in a presentation that unfolds key themes of the Kunsthalle for Music project. And when you step into Spring, don’t miss Duet, a composition by Meyers for two strangers which will be on view at Spring and performed throughout the year.

Our fifth and final revolution has begun, so don’t wait to visit us. The new MTR line drops you off at our doorstep. Bring your family and friends.

Come and stay awhile.

—Mimi Brown
*”One Year in Three Days” from The HK FARMers’ Almanac (2015), http://www.springworkshop.org/the-hk-farmers-almanac-online/

Save the date: March 11
An exposition, not an exhibition

On March 11, we will open  An exposition, not an exhibition, a show by composer and artist Ari Benjamin Meyers that debuts the foundational themes of the Kunsthalle for Music.

The multi-sited exhibition to be held March 11—April 1, 2017, is orchestrated by Meyers for an ensemble of performers and composers who will write and perform new commissions in experimental collaborations with seven arts organizations across the city, thus dissolving the delineation between Hong Kong’s art and music landscapes. Simultaneously at Spring Workshop, professional musicians from the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble will engage in a durational performance of a wide swath of the contemporary music canon, overturning the rules usually applied to a presentation of these works.

Program date and times throughout the show’s run will be announced shortly.

To read more about the Kunsthalle for Music, co-founded with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam), please click here. 

Date Mar 11—Apr 1, 2017
Time TBA
Location Spring Workshop and offsite locations
Event Exhibition, music, performance
Cost Free
More info

Stationary 2

Stationary 2 has been digitally published! We invite you to visit www.stationarystories.com to sign up for Stationary 2: four provocative and uncompromising stories that will arrive in your inboxes bi-weekly throughout this season of strange times.

Co-edited by Malak Helmy and Christina Li, the second volume in this series offers stories that burrow into fantasies and venture down wormholes, finding reprieve from collective exhaustion.

As with Stationary 1, the editors invited artists, writers, and curators to address subjects outside their usual practices. In the works for the past year at Spring Workshop, the collection takes off on January 19, 2017 with the first of four texts by Haitham Wardany, Kevin Killian, Amir Zuabi, and Andrew Hugill with James Langdon each with a photo from a new series by Ann Woo.

Location Spring
Event Publication
Cost Free

HKNME x Spring
Stage it! Play it!
The Modern Academy

On January 21, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble invites us to sit in on a module of their Modern Academy course that looks at innovative concert design. The afternoon seminar is a discussion, while the evening session will have live performances. Open to all with RSVP.

Saturday, Jan 21
10am to 2pm 

Form follows function: Rethinking of classical concerts with Folkert Uhde

8pm onwards 
Evocative ensemble works by Yoshihisa Taira, Isang Yun, Giacinto Scelsi, Tristan Murail, Salvatore Sciarrino, Oliver Knussen and more. Featuring musicians from The Modern Academy, HKNME and Soochow University School of Music Ensemble.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact info@hknme.org

Date Jan 21 (Sat)
Time 10am to 2pm & 8pm
Location Spring
Event Performance, seminar
Cost Free admission
More info

Design Trust x Spring
“Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone”
Pelin Tan

On the evening of Jan 24, Design Trust Seed Grant recipient Pelin Tan will present her research “Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone”, a project that develops and builds an understanding of the delta ontology through mapping both the infrastructures and the thresholds of the territories of the Pearl River Delta Sea.

A panel discussion will follow the presentation, including current Spring resident Arlette Quynh-Ahn Tran (Member, Art Labor; Director Post Vidai) and Jiang Jun (Founding Editor-in-Chief, Urban China Magazine; research-architect, archive-editor and writer).


Date Jan 24 (Tue)
Time 6pm to 8pm
Location Spring
Cost Free admission

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