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Ann Woo, Scenes from parents’ home, Oi Man Estate, 2016, photo series

Dear reader,

It is with great joy that we invite you to visit www.stationarystories.com to sign up for Stationary 2: four provocative and uncompromising stories that will arrive in your inboxes bi-weekly throughout this season of strange times.

Stationary 2, co-edited by Malak Helmy and Christina Li, offers stories that burrow into fantasies and venture down wormholes, finding reprieve from collective exhaustion.

As with Stationary 1, we invited artists, writers, and curators to address subjects outside their usual practices. In the works for the past year at Spring Workshop, the collection takes off on January 18 with the first of four texts by Haitham Wardany, Kevin Killian, Amir Zuabi, and Andrew Hugill with James Langdon, each with a photo from a new series by Ann Woo.

In the spirit of opening up this project to an extended group of people, please forward this message to anyone you think might enjoy reading these stories.

We look forward to sharing these pieces with you very soon.

Warm regards,

Christina, Malak, Janine, Julie, Mandy, and Mimi

P.S.  At www.stationarystories.com you can still request a print copy of Stationary 1 as a gift from us if you don’t have one (or if you want another one to pass along).


Malak Helmy and Christina Li

Associate editor:
Janine Armin

Julie Peeters

Mandy Chan

Ann Woo

Contributors to Digital Edition:
Andrew Hugill with James Langdon,
Kevin Killian, Haitham Wardany,
and Amir Zuabi

Web design:
Vytautas Volbekas and Carla Peer

Stationary 2 ISBN: 978-988-12600-4-8

© 2016 the authors, artists, and
Spring Workshop

For further information visit our
website www.stationarystories.com

Published by:
Mimi Brown
Spring Workshop
3/F Remex Centre
42 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
T + 852 2110 4370
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Stationary is a collection of stories disseminated by word of mouth. Loosely forged as a recess from one’s productive practice, we invite artists, curators, and writers to take stock of, elaborate on, and chart their obsessions, fascinations, and influences within a suspended moment afforded by the publication’s pages.   



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